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in tonight for shepard smith. the news reportedly came as a shock even to many at the vatican. after nearly 8 years on the job, pope benedict xvi will resign at the end of this month. his final day february 28th. the pope released a statement which reads in part that the governor the church quote both strength of mind and body are necessary strength which in the last few months have deteriorated in me to the extent that i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me, end quote. the pope's brother, who is 89 years old, says that he has known about this decision for months but some church leaders say they had no idea. i'm not kidding. i was very startled. i don't know what to say. i myself am waiting for information, for instructions as to what we would do now cardinals. boy, as soon as i find out, i will let you know. >> the last time a pope resigned the 12th in the year 1415. that was years before columbus traveled to the new world. before joan of arc was burned at the at the stake. before da vinci painted the mona lisa. he has no specific illness and
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. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> shepard: vatican answered questions about pope benedict xvi. keep title holiness but known as emeritus pope. he will relinquish the ring of office which will be destroyed according to vatican tradition and he will give up trademark red shoes. instead he will be wearing hand crafted brown loafers that mexican artisans presented to him on his last visit there last year. on thursday, he becomes the first pope to resign as i mentioned in nearly 600 years. the supreme court is now weighing whether law enforcement can collect d.n.a. without a warrant from people who have been arrested but not convicted of a single thing. believe it or not. 28 states and the federal government already allow. this the high court heard arguments today in the case of a man's 2009 arrest for assault in maryland. police swabbed his cheek for genetic material. then ran it through a federal data base. turned out to match evidence from an unsolved rape of a woman six years earlier. a court eventually sentenced that man to life in prison for
by helicopter from the vatican to the pope's official residence. there we expect him to make one final appearance from the balcony of that residence, a large crowd expected to turn out to see him. prior to leaving the vatican though, he will meet with the cardinals who are already there. then following that on monday, the college of cardinals will meet and they will set a date for the conclave of cardinals. that meeting, of course, is the one that will decide the next pope. now, in ireland, a predominantly catholic country, not surprisingly, they take bets on all of this. right now the odds makers make the turksen and -- and scola. >> syrian people overthrow the brutal regime of bashar assad. in other words, our rules of engagement are changing. according to the white house, spokesman jay carney, the united states will increase its aid to the syrian rebels. he stressed this would be nonlethal or humanitarian aid only. but he did appear to leave the door open for a change in policy. >> we are focusing on o. our efforts on helping the more organized. as part of this effort we will contin
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)